Dancing in the Minefields

Valentine’s Day has always felt somewhat prepackaged to me. I mean, it’s good and all – and I’m all for it – as long as it’s not a once-a-year experience. I’m not a huge fan of gifts being given out of obligation (is that really a gift?) – one being offered by the hands but not from the heart. The gifts can still be given and the love can be shared, but I’d much rather experience the real deal – which, I guess, isn’t always so lovely. Although ultimately, it’s more lovely. The hard work, sacrifice, honesty (even when it hurts), vulnerability, and patience (even when we feel we’re entitled to something more) can lead to a love that is so far from a merely obligated love. It is rich in pain and it is rich in joy.

In the past weeks, I’ve been noticing (often) how much the marriages that surround my life matter to me – how much they mattered to us – and how often I find myself still praying for yours. Marriages don’t come prepackaged. And I know the best marriages are somewhat weathered – they have roots that have had to grow deeper. So, here’s my encouragement for you to keep “dancing in the minefields” and “sailing in the storms”. I miss mine like crazy, which makes me want you to enjoy yours all the more.