Life, the Canvas

The following text is one of the last songs that Jeremy ever penned, the summer of 2011. On this day, the fifth anniversary of Jeremy’s home going, I thought I’d at least share the text.

I know the messiness and the hopeful beauty of the canvas of my life and the lives of my boys, as well as having known Jeremy’s life so intimately. We are sinners and saints. I’m both undone and upheld by the truth that there is a loving God who has promised good and life to us, and offers comfort for us in the midst of our brokenness. We cannot always see what He is doing or what He sees, but as Jeremy taught and modeled to us well, we can trust that He knows what He’s doing.

Life the Canvas
by Jeremy Erickson

Life, the canvas
Will, the paint
Come see a sinner
Come see a saint
Colors and outline
Our choices made
We cannot hide
The heart’s parade

Lines be drawn
By reaching out
Jagged angles
Jut about
Curves connect
And form is found,
But grace be gone
And goes the ground

We spill and splash
We make a mess
We sin a lot
Sometimes we confess
Life we imagined
In our minds
The canvas denies
The colors can’t find

So brushes be stiff
Palate be dry
Beauty be never
Beheld by the eye
What’s done is done
Behold the heart
So poorly displayed
In senseless art

Now see the hand
So unlike ours
Make lovely lives
Of all that mars
Our finished work
Undone until
The master’s stroke
The Master’s will

Reveals the lines
We could not see
With love, His brush
Makes beauty be
And sets within
A larger frame
Our lives, the art
That bears His name.

Life, the canvas
Will, the paint
Come see a sinner
Come see a saint.